My RC2020/04 Entry

Hopefully not another false start, this is a last minute entry into the RC2020/04 competition, put on unofficially by Mark Sherman, to his credit.

I got in touch with John Linville and Dale Goodfellow who used to run the competition with me to see what had become of it, and thankfully it looks like between all of us we can resurrect it this year, with Mark at the helm and us other folk providing a hand where required.

So, to my entry. Back in the Summer of 2010 (10 years ago!) I wrote a Lunar Lander simulator in BBC Basic which I ran on a Z88 portable. My interest in COBOL has been piqued recently – with the call for COBOL programmers due to COVID-19 in New Jersey being in the news recently. It is a language I have never used in my working life, and with what looks like an excellent implementation for VAX/VMS I thought I might try rewriting my Lunar Lander application in VAX COBOL. It seems suitably esoteric to be a typical Wickens Retrochallenge Entry.