Airman Finished!

      Well, as much as any program is ever finished I think I've done enough to
      release AIRMAN to the outside world. I've spent fair bit of time over the past
      few days ironing out remaining bugs and making the game at least remotely
      playable! It's been a bit of a struggle forcing myself to debug this program.
      The X11 implementation of BASIC is really excellent although I've found myself
      with a couple of 'single character out of place' bugs which have been tricky to

      I'm not sure what I'll be working on now for the rest of the challenge... we
      shall see!

      If anyone wants to give AIRMAN a go the source code is here:


      Obviously comments are welcome, either via email mark at wickensonline dot co
      dot uk or twitter on #urbancamo. Remember that X11 Basic will run on various
      Unix implementations and Windows.