2013 Summer Entrants List

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Wgoodf – Playing with a BBC Micro Model B

I have no idea what I am going to do with, but it is a new toy. In my head I wonder if it is possible to get a laptop track pad to work as a tablet device. My head is a confusing place.

Frank Buss – Write a game for the Vectrex system

My plan is to write a game for the Vectrex system and to run it on the real hardware. I should get the PCBs for my new cartridge just in time: https://plus.google.com/117017735090421436012/posts/D6CS8UESbWbRC2013

Michael Thompson – Restoring an 18-bit DEC PDP-9

The RICM is restoring an 18-bit DEC PDP-9 that was built in 1968. This a transistor-only system, none of those modern ICs inside at all. Even though it is nearly 45 years old it is microcoded, would you believe with read-only core memory?

Adam Green – Write a simple 6502 assembler in Applesoft BASIC

Write a simple 6502 assembler in Applesoft BASIC. I plan to write this assembler on the actual Apple ][e Platinum hardware that I purchased last summer.

epooch – Repair the Timex Sinclair 1000

Repair the Timex Sinclair 1000 that I recently bought on a whim (and for less than $25 shipped!) from ebay. Then I will try to write a game for it in BASIC. Assuming I get it all working I will offer the computer up as a prize in the RetroChallenge. Then I will try to write a game for it in BASIC. Finish fixing my Apple IIGS Upgrade computer.

Paul Robson – recreate one or more of the Funtronics Handhelds

The Funtronics Handhelds were a series of simple electronic handheld toys. For Retrochallenge Summer 2013 I intend to recreate one or more of the currently existing toys and at least one new one, in emulator form.

Legalize – HTTP server written in TECO

I will attempt to complete my HTTP server written in TECO that I started last year.

RetroCosm – hook up some of my retro equipment to the Internet

For my Retrochallenge entry this year I’m going to use Jim Brain’s TCPser to hook up some of my retro equipment to the Internet and see what modern activities I can achieve with it.

urbancamo – Something with 7 segment displays

undecided between hardware or software, so maybe a bit of both. I have 100 seven segment displays crying out to be put to use on a retrotastic project. Expect a warm red glow to result.

lizardb0y and Callum117 – RetroChallenge Summer (In the Dead Of Miserable Winter) Entry

I shall hold my 14 year old son against his will and force him to build a FIGNition single board computer with me, and then torture him with learning Forth with me over the month. By the end of the month we should both be able to write simple programs in Forth.

Luddite – Apple IIe web server

This year I will be attempting to resurrect my Apple IIe web server and, if successful, come up with a suitable web site for it to host. As always, failure is definitely an option.

VintageVolts – Put together a complete TI-99/4A home system

I will be digging through the bowels of my classic computer collection and attempt to put together a complete TI-99/4A home system.

Rob Sayers – Writing a Kim-1 Simulator

I’ve decided on a project to not complete! I’m writing a Kim-1 Simulator that will run in the browser.

Egan Ford – WarGames’ 30th Anniversary Fun

Given that it’s the 30th anniversary of WarGames, then something WarGames related. Shall we play a game?

Coronax – Breadboard computer using a 6502 processor

I recently built a breadboard computer using a 6502 processor. For the RetroChallenge, I’m planning to add permanent storage (a microcontroller and an SD card) and write some basic OS facilities for devices and files – in 6502 assembly, of course.

Michael Sternberg – Learn Italian with an Atari 400 and Apple II Nunchuck Interface

For my second retro challenge, I will be making the monumental mistake of undertaking two endeavors. First, to learn conversational Italian – using an Atari 400 computer, 410 cassette drive, and CX4125 software package. I will deem it a success if I can get the programs to run and complete the 5 cassette tape course. Second, interface a Nintendo Wii nunchuck controller to an Apple IIe via Arduino. It’ll be a success if I can control the helicopter in Choplifter by raising and lowering, and tilting the controller.

linville – Targeting the dunfield Micro-C Compiler to the Tandy

My project is to massage the DOS-based Dunfield Micro-C compiler for 6809 into a reasonable development tool for targetting the Tandy Color Computer. Ideally this will include not only basic “board support” for the provided generic libraries but also some support for machine-specific primites for graphics, sound, joysticks, etc.

Cosi – using the Psion for a whole month as a universal “digital companion”

I’ll be using the Psion for a whole month as a universal “digital companion”, learning it and its internals. Finally, I’ll try to port the game robotfindskitten (http://robotfindskitten.org/) to Series 3 Psions.

Tom Van den Bon – create an external interface to the gameboy

So this is a late entry for the Retro Challenge. I have a few old gameboy’s. The nice old brick ones that I have been collecting over the past years. I would like to spend my month interfacing an old school system to… not sure yet. But I would like to be able to interface it to something outside the gameboy. Essentially I want to spend the time to create an external interface to the gameboy. Find a way to write a program for my gameboy that will control something. Hope thats not too vague….?

Rob – Sort out my attic and get the viewdata system up and running.

I tried to do this last year. Sort out my attic and get the viewdata system up and running. Sadly, real life and a bucketload of cowboy builders got in the way. Still not got the building work finished, but I’m going to try and do *something* retro related this year, even if it’s just working out how to get iaxmodem to answer a V23 modem call (for an emulated viewdata server) Or I might just play with teletext adapters …

Shelldozer – constructing a StickyMouse device

Mike Spooner (shelldozer) will be constructing a StickyMouse device – as specified at http://sparc90s.wordpress.com/2012/08/26/fraggle-jock/

Andy Collins – get my Thorn Emi Liberator running

I shall be attempting to get my Thorn Emi Liberator running

@oldcomputerclub – Install the TNFS (Spectrum file server) and Assembly development system

Install the TNFS (Spectrum file server) system on various machines, including the Raspberry Pi.
Build a simple Internet service and connect the Spectrum to it. (service function TBD).
Install my own Assembly development system and enhance to deploy direct to a real Spectrum.

Twylo – An adapter to convert a VT100 terminal keyboard for use on a Mac

Long story short, a couple of weeks ago I bought a VT100 keyboard to complete a keyboard-less VT100 terminal I’ve been trying to get working. The keyboard just arrived at my home, but the rest of the terminal is down at my storage. I’m far too lazy to go get it, especially in this heat. Solution: a way to plug the VT100 keyboard into my Mac and use it without the terminal!

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