RC2014 Summer Challenge – Later than 1/2 time roundup!

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OK. Well Sorry for the delay in posting this. I was on the Isle of Man, either working or socializing. I even climbed a wall. Not bad for a Luton boy.

Some good stuff going on out there. If you’re not tweeting then you should be – the twitter monkey has been doing a stirling job but it makes his life infinitely easier if you are tweeting. Just post something with @retrochallenge in the blurb and his cage is automagically rattled. I’m not kidding.

I’m only going to comment on those out of the starting gate and making progress. I think that’s only fair. I have my own entry to neglect too you know.

So, without further ado…


Wgoodf's Blog

You know what, I think this is by far the twitter monkey’s best entry by a mile. That turtle might look like a deranged lunchbox but there be magic in there. Good show sir! It’s blind as a bat of course – you need to install some decent glasses on it I recon.


Mark's Blog

Me! Yes me! How divine. Actually my goals were very limited this time (the ones in my mind, the realistic ones, not the ones I tell you lot) – to get Benchmark Modula-2 on the interweb. If you search for ‘amiga benchmark modula-2’ I’m on the second page of hits, so it’s in the top 40 and climbing the hit parade pop pickers.


Ian's Blog

Nice to see a VT220. Well actually a VT320. But anything starting with VT is good in my books! Some challenges here with the hardware – this blog has been a true journey. It’s great to see the progress made in bringing this Northstar back to life. I hope we’ll get to see some software running before the end.

Seth Morabito

Seth's Blog

6502. How we love thee. I really would like the time to tackle this kind of project. Some great assembly language being written – I expect big things by the end matey!

Conceited Jerk

Shaun's Blog

Anyone with a computer knicknamed Angry Red is OK in my book. Even better when it is a delicious gas-plasma equipped Tosh. Good blogging with orange on red Windows 3.1 Program Manager. What a horrendous combination. Just the kind of thing we love.


Micheal's Blog

Michael’s been a busy boy! No worries about a single sentence monologue rattled out on a typewriter from this champ! Frequent blog updates are a big win and we’ve seen some good progress including some dialup, 68k development systems and xmodem transfers. What more could you ask for!


Earl's Blog

Earls been a bit quiet on the blogging front. Often that means he’s making progress – would be great to see some games. We will wait and see. In the meantime we get a thoughtful analysis of random number generation on the machines he’s writing games for.


Stephen's Blog

Good start here – didn’t see the entrant summary, well played sir! It seems to have fizzled a bit, but I’m always up for some ViewData goodness so get back in there!

Paulo Garcia

Paulo's Blog

We’ve been treated to a couple of posts on Atari Basic. I don’t like basic primarily because of the small, myriad differences between implementations – of course if you stick with one version you don’t have that problem. I guess in that sense Microsoft Basic being so prolific was a good thing. YMMV.


Andrew's Blog

Having serious man cave envy here Andrew! Clearly it could do with tidying but then I am really not one to judge. I follow the 80/20 rule – when you can only see 20% of the carpet it’s time to do a little housekeeping. I need an Astrowars on my desk! Nice video, would be good to see more.

Anders Carlsson

Anders' Blog

VIC 20 goodness from Anders. Modding a game works in my book. Bezerk is weird! Can’t say I’m a big fan of the game, but it’s definitely got a je ne sais quoi quality. Bezerk with bombs? What are you thinking of man? I like it…

John Linville

John's Blog

Ah John. What a trooper. Some might say a Super Trouper. We are treated to another installation of the Fahrfall development blog, which is rapidly turning into a competitor for the Prince of Persia diary. Great stuff.


Spencer's Blog

Spencer has kept up a good pace in blogging and we are treated to his progress making a Z80 based homebrew, lovingly titled ‘RC2014’. You know, I like to think we are men of steel that can’t be swayed by such obvious butt kissing, but I’d be wrong. We’re all very flattered. All two of us. I have a load of seven segments (about 100?) so I’m enjoying seeing the beautiful spaghetti being created to wire the things up.


Jeff's Blog

PrintStar has ground his blogging to a halt since he found he was going to have to do some x86 assembler programming. No wonder.

Adam Mayer

Adam's Blog

Not that I’m allowed to have favourites but, well, what can I say. Reverse engineering a VT100 ROM to add a screensaver is absolutely the most pointless thing to have ever graced the hallowed halls of retrochallenge. Here’s the rub – he’s doing a great job. Remember, it’s the journey that counts! Pick a VT320 next time – I could really use a faithful simulation. Please. Pretty please?


Tezza's Blog

I know a lot more about a Scientific Challenger than I did at the start of the competition. Not hard though, never heard of one before. Really champion blogging from our smooth talking New Zealand friend. However, I demand more arrows on your photos. Gotta love the arrows. Great entry.


Togart's Blog

Pointless again! We love it! The NES re-animator is making good progress towards his toaster conversion. I’m on a bread-free diet at the moment, so this is acceptable. Otherwise I’d be all over you! A little piece of toast song


Tom's Blog

Atari! Atari! Atari! I did look into writing a game for my Atari 2600, but I decided I had no hope of success – it’s really hard! Hopefully we’ll see a bit more progress from Tom before the final curtain.

Paul Robson

Paul's Blog

Paul is attempting to recreate an ancient computer. This is a good thing. Trouble is documentation is thin on the ground. This is promising stuff – keep it coming Paul!

Andras Tantos

Andras' Blog

A Cray simulator? Spectacular! Very much enjoyed reading all about it – excellent blogging here. I’m going to have to give it a go when I get a chance.

Dagen Brock

Dagen's Blog

Was taking a wee lookie at this blog earlier today! Looks like TechCrunch has given Dagen a taste of the lime light and well deserved too! Polar graphing – that’s a bomb! Humongous!


Nathan's Blog

Looks like Nathan has been having a clear case of real life interrupting. Having said that he is giving Fahrfall a good hammering and playing other games on the CoCo. Some good photos.


Hugo's Blog

Ruby ruby ruby ahahahaha… Hugo is making progress on his Dartmouth BASIC in Ruby. Even better, he is doing it without any research on how to write interpreters. Winging it is definitely the Retrochallenge way! Good luck with the rest!


purrfectpwd's Blog

Lots of lovely images of ancient Sun hardware. Just what we like. Fixing, cleaning, retr0briting, blogging, go go go!


Eric's Blog

A Quay 900 Z80 system? You what? Je ne comprends pas! Eric doubles the interweb’s store of images – and wait, one with all the chips labelled! Lovely-jubbly. Plenty of blurb on the box and low-level software hackery on the floppy formatter. Brill!

The Hackery

The Hackery's Blog

How many of you would like to work here then? A late entry from the hackery, gotta love you guys! Look forward to seeing what you get up to.
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