RC2015/01 Competition Summary

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The Competition Summary

Firstly a huge thanks to everyone who took part. I know I say this every time but clearly it’s the hard work and enthusiasm of participants that make this competition great.


Michael Sternberg

Noahsoft PL65

Noahsoft PL65

Enthusiastic, consistent blogging from Michael on this port of Structris, an Apple II Tetris clone, to a UK BASIC language version for the Atari 8-bitters. All the hallmarks of a winner here from consistent, frequent blogging, an in-depth investigation into the subject, great videos and a successful outcome.  Oh and some 6502 assembler code just to add a sprinkle of magic. Well done Michael!

Dale comments: Well done that man! – Set a task and completed it. And its a really good effort i say. who knew about PL65 anyway? Well we all do now!

Sean Billings

Submarine Rescue - a ZX Spectrum Game

Submarine Rescue – a ZX Spectrum Game

Sean does a great job of writing a bare metal BASIC game on the ZX Spectrum. In my mind this is the purest form of software based Retrochallenge entry and the most likely to invoke waves of pure nostalgia and frustration in equal measures, as you immerse yourself in the old hardware but also have to deal with the limitation. I’ve not yet met a person who likes one of Mr Sinclair’s rubber keyboard creations, although to be fair the Z88 keyboard works far better that it should. I look forward to firing up an emulator, typing the code in and having a play. Congratuations.

Dale comments: A nice Speccy game here, with print outs available if you meet him in person – I wonder if i can get him to post me some for free by mentioning him here?


epooch's Mexican vigilante icon

epooch’s Mexican vigilante icon

A tractor-feed paper blog is already a sure sign of greatness and this time round the ol’pooch does himself proud by web-enabling a MAC 128k. Great blogging with some very insightful videos and even a little hardware tinkering thrown in.

Dale comments: Took two efforts, but by golly he did it. Every 128k Mac, must have software.

Honourable Mentions

John Linville

John's Apple IIe

John’s Apple IIe

John prises himself away from the Coco keyboard and instead makes the Apple IIe bend to his will! Our most consistent RC’er John doesn’t disappoint again with his port of Fahrfall to the Apple 8 bitter, and I’m sure he’s going to rock KansasFest with this great port. Well done John!
Dale comments: What can we say about our current retro Adonis? Women want him, men want to be him. Neither are likely, but we do get his code Fahrfall dude has put on some weight, but inside we know it is him.


CBM64 Super Mario 2 Loader Screen

CBM64 Super Mario 2 Loader Screen

A most unique entry to Retrochallenge this and none the worse for it! Porting the graphics from Super Mario Bros. 1 to the Commodore 64 was clearly a huge challenge and showed great determination and Rockasoo proves he’s up to the task by delivering the goods. Definitely the best newcomer, well done!
Dale comments: Pretty clear that this took Twitter by storm, re-tweet after re-tweet. Only really missing some sort of Snail, rendered by a TI99 to make the Mario lands complete.


NV1 PSU for the SPARCstation-10

NV1 PSU for the SPARCstation-10

Mike does a great job of tackling a job that haunts all retro-hardware enthusiasts – fixing or replacing a broken power supply. Excellent blogging from Mike here to cover all aspects of the job and I’m sure he’ll be enjoying this SPARCstation-10 for many year to come. Oh, and a great source of amusement on twitter as well!
Dale comments: This should have been dull, i mean really, he fixed a power supply; mostly. Top marks tho, i kept coming back. Nice blogging.

more to come… check back after the weekend for the rest of the summary…

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