So, what to do this time round?

So, what to do this time round? Well, I haven’t made my mind up yet, but that’s OK! What I want to do this time is to have fun and not set myself some grandiose goal that will just act like a pair of concrete boots.

Some thoughts:

  1. Play and document an indie game a day on the ZX Spectrum.
  2. Write some BASIC for the ZX81.
  3. Do something with comms and a Raspberry PI with the Tandy TRS80 102/200s.
  4. Run a VAXstation 4000 again for a month.
  5. Use my DEC 3000/600 for something purposeful.
  6. Outdoor computing from as many different scenarios/systems as I can muster.
  7. Document the setup of an emulator for an unusual system – OpenGenera springs to mind!
  8. Some complete last-minute curve ball – the most likely.

At the moment I’m attempting to downsize so it may be that I use one or more systems that I’m planning on eBay’ing soon.

Best of luck to all those who are joining the fun this October!