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OK – The winners are:-


Well firstly, let us all say ‘well done’ to each other. Good stuff and good fun all round. Thanks especially to those that hung out on Twitter with me.


Last Year Urbancamo did the most fantastic summing-up and winners announcement, I however am lazy and you will be getting a couple of lines and that is it. Mostly I work in 140 characters or less.


Right then – Let us all get on with it.

There is no order to this, no 1st, 2nd or 3rd and no inference of this should be sought from the prizes that are allocated. Got that?

Good; Let’s hear no more about it then.


The copy of Byte Magazine is going to the Chuckle Brothers!  – Or rather Retrocosm and Urbancamo.

Who couldn’t be impressed with their ‘Late Homework’ accidental project. If there was a description of whimsy in the RC, then this was it. The great thing is that they are both friends, so they can share the magazine, just like Bart and Milhouse.

Well done guys.


If I had a second prize for whimsy, it would of course go to Shelldozer for his pedal volume control, I still cannot think of a time when I would need volume to be foot operated. However, it would work for a panicked warp or teleport…hmm…


Who else then?

The book – Terrible Nerd by Kevin Savetz I say should go to WorstConsole! I mean really; Who didn’t wonder at the point of that? One of the finest pieces of performance art that I have seen in a while I think.

Well done fella. And Kevin, thank you for the prize donation and thank you for taking part.


If I had a second book of ‘Terrible Nerd’ I would have likely chucked it at Linville and his Simon game with rotary controller. Great work I say and another fine example of whimsy!


You really can’t beat pointless and fun.


Next then?

Well that would be the Z88, and that seems appropriate to send to Twylo.

Frankly I was impressed. I admit that I impress easy; bubbles for example impress me, but this was way cooler than that. And bubbles are pretty cool, particularly when a picnic on a summers day.

Building your own 6502 single board computer is one thing, but sorting out cassette for storage is something else. And of course, pretty pointless at the end of the day. Magnificent!


If I had a second Z88 to give away, which I don’t, I would happily give it to epooch.  Real voyage of discovery there and I thank him for letting us share.


To the rest of you, I thought you were great too!

Honest! – But we have to draw a line in the sand at the end somehow.


Thank you to you all. Its been great fun.

Thank you sincerely for taking part, even if you dropped out after a couple of days – because the RC is actually pretty hard to do, which you never think when you start. – you helped out, just by being here.


Finally, thanks to the lurkers and hangers on, who do not participate or comment on Twitter. We know you are there and we thank you for that.


Winners – Email me your postal address and I will get things sorted. The rest of you, get in training, it is only 5 months until summer. GO GO GO!

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