And the wait is over! Let me first say that it was extremely, extremely difficult to choose two winners for this competition.

The official winners of the competition are:

Linville for hist fantastic efforts in both CoCo development and a good mix of text, picture and video blogging. Congratulations John, you win the Juiced.GS subscription.

AndrewHazelden for his Soccer game developed on a nice vintage SGI Box. Andrew, you win the Psion series 5. I'm jealous that you've got to use that granite keyboard for a whole month in a productive setting!

Special mention goes to:
  • astrochicken for battling the elements, and maintaining a sense of humour through it all
  • lizardb0y - our resident 2012WW 'toggler'
  • brouhaha for proving he's human with his read() fail early on (I've been there) and then proving he's a coding genius with his simulator.
  • gcolville for porting the excellent EhBASIC to another host.
  • mmphosis. Really wasn't sure about the website to start with, but now I see it's inspired! Haharrr...
  • aliennerd for his beautiful photos (and providing a BBS for me to test modems against)
  • Paleoferrosaurus for entertaining me early on with his lovely looping videos
  • datajerk for making me want an Apple II
  • arfink for reminding me of those seductive plotter sounds
... and everyone else who made this a great Winter Warmup. Everyone's input was highly valued!

Thanks to wgoodf for his entertaining tweets, as always he's the glue that keep us all stuck together (virtually, of course).

See you in the summer!

Official Contestant List

urbancamo - "Dial-up Game Server"
lizardb0y(external link) - "Briel Altair 8800micro kit. Assemble a Briel 8800micro kit and write a program on it"
linuxlove(external link) - "Music! And visuals! For MS-DOS!"
Luddite(external link)- "I plan to make some music with one or more Apple II computers..."
arfink - "obtaining a vintage plotter, hosting a BBS from vintage hardware (re-writing my Tandy 102 micro-BBS or just setting up an existing Apple II BBS package on my Apple IIgs)
Brouhaha(external link) - "More Apple I or HP-41 stuff, or maybe something else"
mmphosis(external link) - "going rogue" eek twisted :-D
Granz(external link) - "building a retro game console running CHIP-8"
aliennerd(external link) - "Not 100% sure yet what I'm going to do but I am going to do something"
wgoodf(external link) - "MicroKim, Atari 2600 and if Santa is nice to me a bottle of quality rum"
johnnymacuser(external link) - "XT 5160 internet project"
Conceited Jerk(external link) - "I'm actually going to DO something! :-D"
Paleoferrosaurus - "Restoring an IBM PC to all its 1981 Glory"
WT(external link) - "Networking with Macbook 520 + Gopher"
rsayers(external link) - "Replica 1 Build"
datajerk(external link)- "Apple ][+ & //e 9600 bps cassette interface downloader"
gcolville(external link) - "more KIM-1 noodling"
Togart(external link) - "I have no ideas, but I'm entering anyway!"
AndrewHazelden(external link) - "Silicon Graphics O2 OpenGL"
Doug_M(external link) - Apple II CP/M and Word Processing
astrochicken(external link) - "Apple Pascal on the IIe"
computist(external link) - "Apple III programming project"
linville(external link) - "Fahrfall, a game for the Tandy Color Computer"
Toolkitman(external link) - "a little game for Apple 1, Mimeo 1 and replica 1"

Special thanks to Ken Gagne for donation of a subscription to Apple II print magazine Juiced.GS(external link) as a prize!

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Paleoferrosaurus, 18:48, 2012-05-30: Looking for suggestions for the summer retrochallenge... What to do?
lizardb0y, 20:16, 2012-05-27: Looking forward to signing up for the 2012SC :-) No idea what I'm going to do though. Perhaps something with my Briel 8800micro and recently built 88-DSK RAM expansion
AndrewHazelden, 20:28, 2012-02-14: Today I received my RetroChallenge 2012 prize! I am now a PSION 5 PDA user and only 15 years late to this retro party. http://bit.ly/PSION5
linville, 19:35, 2012-02-03: Good competition, everyone! There are some good projects in this group! So...how do I claim my prize?? :-)
Aliennerd, 02:24, 2012-02-03: Well done Linville and Andrew, great stuff! And cheers everyone else, good work see you in the summer.