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Favourite CPU
  • 74LS00
  • PLA
  • 6502
  • Z80
  • VAX
  • 80x86
  • 680x0
  • Alpha AXP
  • ARM
  • Sparc
  • IA64
  • PowerPC
  • 6809
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Paleoferrosaurus, 18:48, 2012-05-30: Looking for suggestions for the summer retrochallenge... What to do?
lizardb0y, 20:16, 2012-05-27: Looking forward to signing up for the 2012SC :-) No idea what I'm going to do though. Perhaps something with my Briel 8800micro and recently built 88-DSK RAM expansion
AndrewHazelden, 20:28, 2012-02-14: Today I received my RetroChallenge 2012 prize! I am now a PSION 5 PDA user and only 15 years late to this retro party. http://bit.ly/PSION5
linville, 19:35, 2012-02-03: Good competition, everyone! There are some good projects in this group! So...how do I claim my prize?? :-)
Aliennerd, 02:24, 2012-02-03: Well done Linville and Andrew, great stuff! And cheers everyone else, good work see you in the summer.