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Update: 25-SEP-2012

Ken Gagne, our supporter twice over now provides an interesting insight as to why he supports Retrochallenge. I was just looking through a listing of a DAT backup tapes I made in 1995/96 and spotted several entries from the Interactive Fiction competition. Great to know it is still going stong!


Just a quick mention of the prizes given out this time round!

David Moisan wins the Computer Rage board game kindly donated by Dale.

Frank Buß wins the Computa-Kit One electronics kit, kindly donated by Dale.

Andrew Hazelden receives Ken Gagne’s donation – the Apple ][ Drift Demo – a limited-edition, hand-crafted floppy disk sleeve, one of only four that were made (Photo courtesy Melissa Barron). Ken produces Juiced.GS “Juiced.GS is the longest-running print publication dedicated to the Apple II and the only one still in print. Quarterly issues feature reviews of new hardware and software, tutorials for using the Apple II in a modern environment, coverage of annual conventions, and interviews with the industry’s founders.”
Please visit for more info!

Retrochallenge Results

I’ve finished my summary of the entrants this year.

As selected by John Linville, the winners are:

Honourable Mentions go to:

Organiser favourites were:

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Special Mention for this years judge

Our judge this year, John W. Linville is no stranger to Retrochallenge being our Winter Warmup 2012 winner. Before he returns his verdict on this year’s competition I thought it only fair that he gets a special mention.

Retrochallenge 2012 Final Curtain

So, we draw the final curtain on Retrochallenge 2012 Summer Challenge. As always it’s been a mixture of entries including some consistently showing pure brilliance, some sporadic glimpses of retro-goodness and our usual assortment of real-life casualties. I’ve fallen into the later bracket with work trips and holidays just plain getting in the way. I’ve previously aired my opinions on trying different months for both the winter and summer challenges so depending on consensus look out for a possible February 2013 Winter Warmup.

It’s been agreed that those of you that were hitting the retrogear rather than blogging will be given a couple of days grace to wrap up before the judging begins. We typically see a last minute push in a ‘just one more day to get this done’ manner, so it seems unfair to penalise the hard work for the sake of a day. I intend to trawl the blogs over the next couple of days and provide a comprehensive summary of the good, the bad and the ugly.

I think I can safely say that this year has seen the most starters although I think we’re slightly up on the attrition rate as-well.

Congratulations to all who took part. The interweb-thingy is a better place for including your retro-info.

Update: we had 2,500 unique visits to the retrochallenge website during the month with a peak day of 180 visits.


Later than half-time update

So, if it wasn’t for our faithful twitter monkey you might be forgiven for thinking that everything had gone quiet here at Retrochallenge HQ. Truth is that, like so many entrants this year, real-life has been making too many unwelcome intrusions, Apologies ex post.

Just as I was about to write this post I came across an email from the cctalk mailing list for the Mini Game Competition which is now running until November 2012:

For those who aren’t familiar this is a competition to write the best game they can in the category of under 1k, 2k, or 4k of code for various (usually 8-bit) platforms. They have some screen shots of previous programs that have competed to see what sort of stuff comes out of it. I always find it entertaining.

It looks like the kind of thing that Retrochallengers would be interested in – head over to for more details.

The breadth of entrants this year has been matched by the quality of many submissions. I can tell now that picking winners will be no easy task. So please continue all your hard work – we’re on the downhill slope now…

Go! Go! Go!!!

And the competition is a go! The very best of luck to all the
contestants! May your retro-days be long! Gentleman, start your retro-computing!

Welcome to the official Summer 2012 Retrochallenge website! The 2012 Summer challenge runs for the month of July 2012. The entrants list gives details of entrants, their chosen projects and blog location.

About Retrochallenge

In a nutshell, the RetroChallenge is a loosely disorganised gathering of RetroComputing enthusiasts who collectively do stuff with old computers for a month.

The event is very much open to interpretation… individuals set there own challenges, which can range from programming to multimedia work; hardware restoration to exploring legacy networking… or just plain dicking around. It really doesn’t matter what you do, just so long as you do it.

While the RetroChallenge has its competitive side, it’s not really a contest… it’s more like global thermonuclear war — everyone can play, but nobody really wins.

Come on… give it a go!

If you’d like to enter please send me an email describing what you’ll be up to.

Competition Rules

  1. RetroChallenge commences July 1st, 2012 and runs until July 31st, 2012.
  2. In order to qualify, computer systems must by approximately 10 years old (or older!)… in general, this means 486 or below, 680×0 and pretty much everything with an 8-bit processor, but we’ll also let you in if you have an old Cray kicking about, and exceptions can always be made for exotica!
  3. Gaming consoles and PDAs qualify if they were made in the previous century.
  4. Where appropriate, replica hardware and emulators may be used.
  5. Entrants are responsible for adequately documenting their projects and submitting occasional updates during the contest.
  6. Projects may encompass any aspect of retro-computing that tickles the fancy of the individual entrant.
  7. Winners will be carefully selected and thoughtfully chosen prizes presented (hopefully before the next challenge commences).
  8. Have fun!

Previous Competitions

For an idea of the kind of thing we get up to, please feel free to browse the previous competition’s websites:

2012 Winter Warmup Retrochallenge

2011 Summer Retrochallenge

2011 Winter Warmup Retrochallenge

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