Gravity Wars

Here is the main module of Gravity Wars by Ed Bartz. This was probably originally written for TDI Modula-2. I suspect I don’t have the source code for FindImages module which might prove interesting.

The blurb for Gravity Wars states:

The object of the game is for one player to hit the other with a missle before being hit yourself. Since the ships don’t move and the planets don’t move the game sounds easy right…Wrong. All the planets have gravity, so the missles bend an twist, even reverse. It’s very easy to hit yourself. The two players take turns firing missles by entering firing angles and velocities. The winner is the ship left alive.

Sound familiar? I just did a google search for ‘Gravity Wars’, expecting to retrieve a link to the PDP-1 game Spacewar, but was instead treated to a link for this very game! However the picture below is for a clone – the game appears to have inspired quite a few clones, and there is even a little controversy about its’ origins (I’ve added a comment to the Wikipedia article indicating that I have the source code and providing a more accurate copyright date).

Gravity Wars from the Wikipedia article!

Gravity Wars from the Wikipedia article!

Let battle (between me and the source code) commence!