Configuring BUBBLE

First task in the reconfiguration effort is to reassign drive letters to the SIMH VAX 3900 simulator drive mappings.

According to best practice drives should be mounted in the SYLOGICALS.COM configuration file.

The hardware-based BUBBLE configuration is as follows:

Note that DSA0: is commented out – this is documentation. The shadowing of the system disk is configured in the MODPARAMS.DAT configuration file and is applied to the system disk directly so no drive remapping is required.

So these need changing to use the DUA drive designations now in-force using the simulator:

One of the good habits that Steve Davidson persuaded me to adopt was to add a changelog to each of the configuration files. Here is the SYLOGICALS.COM changelog with an updated entry:

Following a reboot the drive mappings all look a lot nicer!

Next is licenses. Typically where networking isn’t available this is done by registering the VAX-VMS license and either a DECNET license or TCPIP license, then copying the whole license file across the network.

The next thing to sort out (and this is where is starts getting a bit tricky for me!) is networking. I’ve contacted PROCESS who supply the MULTINET VMS networking package that BUBBLE uses. However, I thought that the networking device available to the SIMH simulator in the VAX 3900 configuration would be different to the one in the VAXstation 4000/90. The startup log file for decnet confirms this:

What I might do now is take a backup of the system disk and the re-run the network configuration script. The potential problem with this is that the script resets cluster passwords – I learnt this the hard way and it’s now a well documented issue.

So I decided to pick a standard password, do as recommended and take a copy of the generated configuration file, hand edit all the passwords and then run that version. After a reboot we see DECnet coming up successfully!

Connectivity is confirmed by listing the files in the default DECnet directory on SIMVAX, logging in to SIMVAX via DECnet and then listing the files on BUBBLE::