Download VAX Lander!

The code is ready (I think). I’ve made it available in the following locations: github: The zip file contains a VAX/VMS executable that will run on a SIMH OpenVMS 7.3 instance without needing to install BASIC to compile. Enjoy!


So I have been working hard over the last couple of days to convert my BBC lander program to VAX Basic. This has not been a trivial task! I decided that I would try and make use of the structured programming facilities available. This requires that sub modules are in separate source files, so I …

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The Mayans!

This is now the second time I’ve written this blog post. I found an unfortunate consequence in choosing Download rather than Upload in the Tandy 200’s TERMINAL program is that if you give the name of the existing file it is immediately overwritten with a blank document! More care required in future! I’ve spent most …

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