The Mayans!

This is now the second time I’ve written this blog post. I found an unfortunate consequence in choosing Download rather than Upload in the Tandy 200’s TERMINAL program is that if you give the name of the existing file it is immediately overwritten with a blank document!
More care required in future!

I’ve spent most of the day helping my youngest daughter with a homework project on The Mayans. What a lovely Christmas present from her school! Chances are I’ll be on it for some of tommorrow although now my wife has finished putting away the Christmas decorations I may be a reprive.

More on topic I have created a Multiplan spreadsheet on the Tandy 200 (Multiplan is built in to the ROM and comes with a handy-sized manual) to track my food intake, exercise and body stats (weight, body fat, hydration etc.) Since I started looking after myself around 18 months ago I haven’t attempted to corrolate between calories in and out and the effect on the body. Everytime I’ve had a theory it’s been proven incorrect based on limited data, so this may well help.

I also dug out the ESP8266 WiFi module and printed out the TELNET PROTOCOL SPECIFICATION for a read-up on what is required to implement a telnet client that will be accessible via serial on the Tandy portables. The examples provided in lua for the NodeMCU firmware all concentrate on implementing a telnet server. This may take a while as I am a lua noob and so far my good intentions to learn the language have amounted to naught!

Right, lets try and get this posted for the second time!

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