Configuring BUBBLE

First task in the reconfiguration effort is to reassign drive letters to the SIMH VAX 3900 simulator drive mappings. According to best practice drives should be mounted in the SYLOGICALS.COM configuration file. The hardware-based BUBBLE configuration is as follows:

Note that DSA0: is commented out – this is documentation. The shadowing of the system …

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VAX MP – BUBBLE lives again!

Yesterday and today the plan has been to ressurect BUBBLE. This is a configuration that my was first foray into production configured VAX/VMS. Thanks to the stellar efforts of Steve Davidson (a fellow hecnet‘er) this machine went from an initially very poorly configured amateur hour effort of mine to a mutiuser and clustered setup with …

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VAX MP up and running and connected to HECnet

Some good success tonight – the VAX MP (MultiProcessor) emulator is now up and running on the DL380 G5 following the fix graciously provided by the developer Sergey Oboguev. I called it VULCAN – the RX2660 Itanium based server is TSR2 – VULCAN seemed like a fitting companion. The SYS$STARTUP:SYSTARTUP_VMS.COM file now directly loads the VSMP$LOAD …

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