Day 1 – First day fun!

What a start to Retrochallenge!

After an early wakeup from the kids I decided to pull out a recently acquired VAXstation 4000/VLC and give it the once over before powering it up. My trusty paintbrush and can of DeOxit was all that was required.

After a clean up it powered up without issue. As is common with these boxes the fans are a bit noisy (they are very shallow and only have small fans) but apart from great! Maxed out at 24 MB it only differs from my other VLC in that it supports 1024×768 graphics resolution rather than 1280×1024.

This got me thinking about an idea I have when I got the last VLC – apart from the PSU the contents of the box are very diminutive. A portable VAX? I knocked the idea on the head previous because I’d have realistically had to marry it with a 19″ display, but with an output of 1024×768 I can go down to a 15″ flat panel. The PSU can be replaced by a compact modern alternative.

Now in pondering mode.

The rest of the morning was taken up with an emergency freezer dismantling and defrost – it had been running with the door slightly ajar for 36 hours and had become an excellent ice maker but rubbish freezer.