Sun Ultra 5 Unboxing

I’ve been getting busy with my new Sun Ultra 5. I was quite fortunate to recently score a brand new in box, old stock vintage November 1998 Sun Ultra 5. This is a commodity-level workstation built by Sun to satisfy the need for a low-cost UltraSparc desktop computer that would run their Solaris range of operating systems.

This Ultra 5 comes with the following: UltraSPARC IIi 333 Mhz processor, 256 MB RAM, 9GB IDE hard drive, ATI Rage graphics. The graphics card will only support 24 bit colour up to a maximum resolution of 1152×900 (a classic Sun graphics resolution) so it is currently running at 1280x1024x8 bit. The internal hard drive comes pre-installed with Solaris 2.7 or 7 depending on what side of the marketing fence you live on.

What I would like to do is get SIMH running on this box. Solaris runs SIMH well apparently, so we shall see…


    • Nope, nothing behind the little door. I believe you can also fit a DAT drive in there, although an additional drive bracket is required.

    • Straight off of eBay! The seller was really nice and helpful, threw in another brand new mouse (always handy), a load of SCSI cables (which will come in handy when I get the PCI SCSI card) and a copy of Solaris 9.

  1. Wow, I remember rooms full of these, Ultra 5’s on almost every desk. We used to bitch so much about the crappy IDE disks :-)

    • Yep, heard lots about the poor performance of the IDE drive and controller! I’m picking up a PCI SCSI card next week which I think will be great, I was also thinking of putting a small IDE SSD card (probably 16GB) in as well, maybe as the root partition. Not sure whether the improved SSD performance over a hard drive will be noticed, but it seems like a fun experiment to try!

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