Since I entered RC2016/01 I’ve had a few more ideas about what I might get up to this time around.

The primary objective is to make blogging from a Tandy Model 100/102/200 as easy as possible. I intend to write all my blog posts on a Model M. To start with the process is as follows:

* Write a blog article on the Model 200.
* Connect the Model M to a Linux PC via a null modem DB25->DB9->Serial USB cable.
* Linux PC is running a console on the said serial port.
* I run the Terminal software on the Model M, and log in to the Linux box. * I use a $ cat >blogpost.txt command and use the upload facility of the terminal software on the Model M to upload the content of the blog post to a file on the Linux box.
* I run a custom bash function that takes the resulting text file and uses the email to wordpress facility on my blog site to upload the blog to my wordpress site.

There are a number of issues with this process which I will attempt to address. The first is images. I’m attempting to get my Android phone to upload photos automatically to my site in a specified folder. Doing this will allow me to reference the pictures as I write the blog post. This all needs sorting out. I am using Photo Resizer HD to resize the images before upload and using the Auto Uploader application to push the file via SFTP. However, this isn’t working – I’ve emailed the developer.

Another goal is to convert Model M specific characters (other than straight ASCII) into their Unicode equivalent. I’ve done the ground work for this so it should be fairly straightforward to include as an additional step before upload.

Then I want to try and make this process as easy as possible. One goal is to remove the need for a hardwire. I would like to attempt a WIFI link up via a ESP8266 module. I then want to see how I could make blogging remotely with an upload possible.

Before Christmas I bought an acoustic coupler. It would be great to provide the ability to post blogs via a modem dial-up connection.

Happy New Year to all my fellow Retrochallengers – let the games commence!